Nature On A Plate


Guess it was last week Thursday afternoon, hungry sited on a desk full of paper work wrapped in boredom was the definition of my day until the kitchen helper Violet worked out a wonderful spell of magic. Changing offices brought about new feels and weird, funny times between my co-workers. Good and bad times. We shared an office space and worked closely together in terms of work productivity, creativity and eating habits. We now had a house keeper “Violet”who helped out with the cleaning and cooking. No more long walks for me during launch hour and definitely no risk of buying un-sanitized food from supper markets or local that local house restaurant across the road. Don’t get me wrong, I mean I did enjoy having nshima with beef and vegies all for the low fifteen kwacha, when the days were wild, its just… The good thing is that now we can have lunch in time and get back to working within a short time. Yeah…so during all this continuous working and browsing through website after website searching for commodity buyers as described in by job description was draining my energy up until a knock heard from the door had all everyone in the office off their desks racing to the kitchen. The menu was hella…blesser. Violet prepared pasta with mince, carrots, green beans topping it off with a cos-law salad blending together natures greatest wonders. Eating this meal made me first of satisfied, energetic, soulful and happy. Looking back to this picture makes me reflect on my self, my connection to the earth and the people around me, the chase for dreams, being there for Fam and Gang, most off all being there for self. The picture above means a million things to me……just another reminder of all the things that make the dream even more real, sail the thrills, walk an extra mile, fight the virtual world by living in the moment catching the glory now, seeing the truth hidden in a pattern. Rainbows, Grey leaves, Blue skies, Trees stretching out to huge the wind, the Sun, then the Moon, the Stars far beyond. Happiness is found everywhere in nature you just need to feel to see. Happy Monday and self remembering to all trying to find the self.



Microwave Coffee Or Iced Coffee

The birds are early, always the first to smile to the shade of the sun rise gaining their energy from its beauty and power for tasks that lay ahead of the day. They sing songs of joy, twit and chirp to each other, such are nature’s wonders. At first its dark and bright all-together, being in between dream and reality states, then comes the BANG!, gaining of brain consciousness and the breathing then the drifting back into the body as we wake. Memories register and back we are into the real world or rather virtual realm where time is static but yet always in constant motion so fast our eyes cannot catch the split seconds as fast as fast as flash would. Upon walking up, the Ego takes charge of motion and feeling controlling the flow of thought and action, resulting in attachment, vulnerability, dependency to corporate world. To keep up with constant self inflected pain, we sub-consciously keep our minds busy and occupied with lies on top of lies, bad as it is, we find comfort in ‘self-love’ missing the whole existence and language of the universe ‘Love’. As corporate dependent monsters, we skip the dream realm and dive right back into Hot cup of coffee in the mornings to get the day going, the caffeine is engraved straight into the blood from the first sip creating an energetic work flow and providing a certain type of focus. The coffee tastes good and changes the thought process, because work challenges are only getting better and better keeping up requires speed, belief and impulse feeling instinct. Hot coffee keeps us awake pined to the desk, computer, book or newspaper but eventually it gets cold as the thoughts drift deeper into the world of that particular focused on state. The stronger the focus, the colder the coffee gets. Drinking cold coffee isn’t all that wonderful, so instead of pouring out the cup, its logical and interesting to Microwave the coffee, a habit once gained is hard to let go of or you could turn it to a Juicy iced coffee. The Microwaving of the coffee is the re-creation of the original coffee state as it had lost its originality some time during the condensation. The condensation is the change from hot to cold. Iced coffee can be created from the condensed coffee which tastes smoothie like and is so amazing. Just as the microwaved coffee gained back its true self and the condensed coffee turned into awesome spark of creativity, so is the journey of life. The condensation has being going on and on making the cold coffee hard to drink. Corrupting the originality of truth and the real self.

Both hot coffee and iced coffee are awesome, thing is the the Microwaved Coffee died and was reborn as Hotter better coffee while the condensed coffee accepted its true reality and used that to its advantage.

To be Great one has to truly Die and be re-born or Just accept and start from there.


Less is  more so i have heard. the  mini universe just grew bigger, the colors are brighter,  the sky is pink, the clouds spread wide almost reaching the edge of the earth. on the quest for truth i love and know nature by the day., hour, minute and second. my letter to my mind is says “believe”‘. thank you for 18

When The Moon Merges

The energies get stronger by the day, encouraging the milestones in daily craft and activities that bound us to the earth. Its the 1st of September, there’s a good feeling that comes with new beginnings, a sense of freedom and promised hoped, a better future, a smile from the heart. The eclipse’s residue enabled your wings to fly again, high to dimensions without limits. Colors of the rainbow can be seen when the sun is rising and setting, in the waters of waves when they crush into each other, fractals of the sound frequencies of the leaves singing to the rhythm of the wind. Within you is the power that grows the universe. When the MOON merges feel throw away yesterday, live now

The Shadows of letting go

Dancing with the within, let go. Everyday thoughts and memories should be thrown away thats not us. Letting go is impossible in ones current mind as a farmer only knows and cares for his fields, he has no concern about what fish is swimming the waters for thats the fisherman’s venture. We live our lives based on our attachments deeply engraved in our minds, its routine a pattern that defines our purposes and existence, a satisfying feeling crave that cannot be achieved, it will never be enough. Seek self only then can we find happiness and Truth of our originally consciousness that which created the universe and beyond that. As you live, feel every breath let go. I am not this body, nor i am the mind, you are not your body, you are not your mind. LET GO!


The blind Pen

To say the world is growth is cliche for growth its self is infinite. The narrow route through the woods is where the halo spark hides meditating with the earth. It amplifies love, creativity and coexistance. In the woods on a hill lives a tree, her branches represented passion. Every morning she smiled to the sun and dance her leaves to the melody of the wind and her roots were too deep the soil she enjoyed hugging the ground. Nature what a wonder you are.

Dimensional code

A place without, a place whose’s physical properties are transparent with frequencies as its map to navigate the souls of energy. On a quest to awakening, only this place knows the truth. The wonder of wisdom, visions of tomorrow without the past, conquering greed and lust. In this dimension man is free from daily longings, and flys the wings of the birds, bursts the power to shine the sun and yet anchors a mellow melody that merges the moon. Amongst all men, some gods some  sages, what are you?

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugsimage

A Sunrise calls for an enjoyable mug of coffee to jump the day. morning mugs are not only tasteful but also sooth endless creativity needed before hitting the grind. With breakfast, at lunch, class break, business meetings or just keeping warm during a movie at home, coffee is awesome and makes for memorable moments. Coffee culture is creative culture, a blended fuse of modern urban lifestyle activities that define a progressive movement through possibilities and opportunities in both corporate and social environments. Whatever the motive, hosting a business presentation, reading a great book, a semi-romantic date or auditioning for a gig, having coffee blossoms courage and conversations creating the perfect atmosphere to indulge. African Arabica and Acacia coffee beans tell a story about an African dream. When brewed perfectly, the taste itself takes you through a thought, an authentic afrocentric sprung of limitless originality, nature and self fulfilled inbound energy.

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